Why have office space in 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns have impacted on the use of office space globally – and that’s still on going. 
There are some great insights in this article ‘Do You Really Need All That Office Space?’ in the Harvard Business Review. 

Employees are enjoying the flexibility of working from home more, leaving corporate office spaces much emptier than they were pre-COVID.  

But there are benefits in having employees in an office together

While remote working is great for employees, it’s not always in the best interests of the employer. Having employees in the same office space: 
  1. Makes it easier to monitor workers. 
  1. Allows the unstructured exchanges of ideas. This could well spark the start of something big! 
  1. Teambuilding is enabled on a deeper level. 

How do you strike the perfect balance when it comes to office space?

Our view is that striking a balance between remote working and office-based working is the way forward. But many companies may find they no longer need all the office space they had, and need a more flexible space. 
Cost will be a significant driver in how office space is managed going forwards. For smaller businesses, a flexible co-working or part-time office space, such as Biz Space, may be the perfect solution. That means that the office space is there for when you need it – but you’re not paying for more space than you require.  
It also means you have additional facilities – such as meeting rooms, interview rooms, board rooms, presentation rooms, and so on at your fingertips. But you only pay for the facilities when you need them. 
Another side benefit is that you don’t need to worry about broadband/wifi, buying tea and coffee, or maintaining a printer/photocopier – we do all that for you! 

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